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Some jargon that you might find useful in preparing for the CAIA exam

The CAIA exam focuses on alternative investments and if you are new to the industry or to the subject, you might come across quite a lot of new terms. I have compiled a list of some terms that you might … Continue reading

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I just sat my June 2019 CFA exam, what next?

This weekend saw a record number of 250,000 CFA candidates sitting the exam around the world. This is a whopping 11% increase compared to the previous year. If you are one of those candidates who just sat their CFA exam, … Continue reading

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CFA Level 3 General Overview and Tips

So you’ve reached the final CFA exam. This is not something to be sniffed at so you should be proud of your achievements. You are almost there and I am hoping that this article will help you in your studies … Continue reading

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Calculators in the CFA Exam

Although the CFA exam isn’t a number crunching exam, you will come across numerous questions that require the use of a calculator. Your two weapons of choice are the Texas Instrument BA II Plus and the Hewlett Packard 12C. Before … Continue reading

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