Level 2 of the CMA (Certified Member Analyst) Exam

On 6th June 2021, I sat level 2 of the CMA exam. For those of you who are not familiar with this exam, CMA which stands for Certified Member Analyst is a financial analyst exam administered by the Securities Analysts Association of Japan. There is a big overlap with the CFA exam and the qualification is very well respected in Japan. I would say that most financial professionals in the industry possess this qualification. I introduced level 1 in a past post which you can access here.

Candidates who pass level 1of the exam can apply to receive the learning materials for level 2 and will then have three attempts to take within three years. Should a candidate not pass the exam in the 3 attempts, they will need to re-apply to study the level 2 curriculum otherwise they will need to re-start from scratch by having to retake level 1. This is a very important point to be aware of if you are registered to take this exam.

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